The internet is now the world’s number one choice for conducting business on everything from tiny pins to gigantic trucks. Gone are the days of rushing from shop to shop searching for something or going through bulky yellow pages & brochures looking for the exact item you want. The internet has actually made it possible to access anything and everything with just the click of a mouse. Add to that the mind-boggling options which flood your computer screen every time you enter a particular word in any search engine.

Local SEO is essential & vital for businesses that have a local presence than a global one. If the business relies on walk-in traffic rather than ordering online, definitely local SEO should be the first preference. SEO & Search Engine Marketing are the techniques through which web admins try to make your website reach the top of search engine results & if the business is in the hometown, it can do wonders for the success of a business.

The above stated can be elaborated in a different way. Let us assume that you have a shoe store in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and if people in California need to buy shoes, they will definitely not go to other states as they would first prefer the local store. This is where the firm works and always tries to make the website appear at the top of search engine results.

What is Local SEO?

To begin, SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. As a result, Local SEO aims to get your brand, website, and company in front of those who are most likely to use it, those who live nearby. Instead of promoting yourself internationa

lly, which is normally not what you do if you have a small business, you promote yourself to people who are close to you and more likely to use your services.

SEO is the practice of achieving high rankings in search engines. So if you run a pet shop, you want your business to appear in Google when people perform a search for pet shops. If you are in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, then you want to focus on the people in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to see your website.

It does no good for you if your link appears to someone in New York. That is why local SEO is so important. You want to focus on your target audience and promote your business locally. If your business doesn’t appear in the first one or two pages of a search, it will most likely be viewed by very few people.

Why is Local SEO Important?

There are numerous benefits to using local SEO, especially for entrepreneurs. In reality, if you wish to build a large customer base, you should contact a good SEO agency. All entrepreneurs should understand it completely because it is the only way for them to attract local customers’ interest. If a website can attract local users, it can almost certainly begin to attract traffic from all over the world.

It is a fact that people from all over the world use different search engines. For instance, people in the UK use different ways to search certain keywords, while people in the US use other ways to search keywords. So, if a British customer chooses an SEO agency from the US, it is obvious that the search results are easily searchable by people in the States rather than people in the UK. If someone selects any Local SEO firm, all the keywords will be easily searchable in local search engines.

Local SEO is the perfect strategy for people who own small businesses based on certain geographical locales. It is always advised that the small business owners focus on the local audience first in order to achieve favorable results. It can guide the business owner about how to increase the website’s effectiveness, and it may also include some basic tricks and tactics to grab the attention of customers. Local SEO firm analyzes the main keywords and search engines used by a local audience which is essential to target customers.

How Does Local SEO Work?

When you optimize for local searches, you emphasize informing Google, through various signals, that your company is located in a specific area and wishes to be identified by customers in that area. The general principle these days is that if you have a specific address in an area, it is by far the easiest to optimize. This helps you to build local landing pages and use a store locator on your site to assist people in locating your shop.

Among the most critical aspects of your site is the proper LocalBusiness Schema markup, which will enable you to communicate to Google that you are a local business and what area(s) you serve. Aside from technically optimizing your site for local searches, writing for a local demographic on your website is also a good idea.

However, ranking for local searches necessitates more than just optimizing your website. Among the first things you can do is build and complete your Google My Business account with all relevant information. In addition, making an effort to obtain industry-relevant & local links may be beneficial. Citations, including a local social media strategy, as well as word-of-mouth and print brochures, all lead to local SEO.

How Can I Learn Local SEO?

Of course, there is a wealth of information available online. There are numerous topics to read about, such as Google My Business, Schema, social media, reviews, citations, and so on. Nevertheless, if you want more detailed tips, videos, readings, our Local SEO experts may be a good match. Our expert can offer you comprehensive knowledge, but it’s also practical and simple to understand, even if your website isn’t your main business – as it is for most small business owners.

SEO Vs. Local SEO

Local SEO may be considered a sub-discipline of SEO. Local SEO always aims for higher rankings in specific locations, such as towns or regions, as opposed to SEO, which focuses on having higher rankings for your website’s pages for searches that do not have a local aspect. These searches are often conducted by a local audience. Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., can tell if a searcher is searching for a nearby “solution” to his problem based solely on the question.

These search queries are especially interesting for small businesses because they typically provide services or goods to a local audience. If you wish to rank for these local searches, you can engage in a local SEO strategy that is more centered on local ranking factors.

What Are Local SERPS?

Local SERPs are the results that appear for a local-based question based on the customer’s location. Local SERPs usually have a local 3-pack on top and display the most relevant results.

What are Local SEO Services?

SEO – Search Engine Optimization is the way of helping a website achieve top rankings in the search engines such as – Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Local SEO Services range from

  1. Google Places
  2. Press Releases
  3. Content Marketing
  4. PPC
  5. Video Production and more.

Many business owners are still using the traditional methods when it comes to driving customers to their front door. They still use conventional advertising such as yellow pages, flyers, direct mail, etc., and that’s fine. However, the cost of using some of these offline methods can range into the thousands. With no way to track what’s working and what’s not, it can be considered hard money blown right out the door.

Some businesses may even have created websites or blogs. These can become extremely profitable and informative. But if your website or blog isn’t ranking on the first page of Google or some other search engine, chances are it will never be seen, period. The reason for this is simple without the proper Search Engine Optimization techniques applied, Google has no way of knowing if your website or blog is relevant to your business or users.

Nowadays, people turn to the internet for almost everything, from products to services. Everything can be found on the internet. This creates a great opportunity for internet marketers and business owners to work together and create new business relations for one another. Internet Marketers can offer local SEO Web Marketing services that would highly increase a business’s online presence and visibility.

This actually would deeply benefit their business. Many business & website owners are unaware that they can save money through Local SEO because Advertising becomes cheaper and is seen by many more potential customers helping local businesses flourish in this economy.

How to Do Local SEO?

The internet is a way of life for most businesses today. With so much online commerce, not having a web presence, even if only doing business on a regional level, is detrimental to success. Smaller companies especially need to use the internet to remain competitive in a local market. They should be easy and convenient for potential customers to find.

For those who do business within a narrow geographic sector, marketing to the right consumers through the right channels is the best way to stay competitive. Local SEO concentrates advertising and page rank efforts where it counts the most – at home. By specifying a certain area such as a town, region, or state, it is possible to rank higher where a sale is most likely to occur rather than the entire world.

There are certain methods to use in search engine optimization that will help a business increase page rankings in their area. Following are some of these methods.

Location as Keyword:- The basics of SEO still apply, with a few adjustments. To attract customers in a certain geographical area, using the location as a keyword helps the most. Location added to meta text, description, site content, blog post content, and anywhere else keywords are used helps in narrowing down the competition when searching for a specific product. Based on the area where a search takes place, regional businesses can show up if good local SEO is practiced.

Free Business Listings:- Using sites like Google Places, Yahoo Local, Bing, Yelp, and others that cater to businesses based on location is extremely helpful in raising search engine awareness for a particular internet location as well as submitting a website to any existing regional search engines.

Regional Online Directories:- Regional or town directories are still where most people search when looking for an area business, both online and offline. A listing in an online version of such directories is an important part of local SEO, often forgotten but very important to remember. Listings should have a link to a properly designed, user-friendly website where wanted information can be found, whether it is hours of operation, contact details, directions, or other relevant details.

Social Media:- Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking places are just as important to area companies as to those who serve a wider audience. Word-of-mouth through the page “likes,” etc., can help a company gain more local followers through friends of current customers.

Area Backlinks:- Getting backlinks from a certain area can be more difficult. If a business replies to posts on blogs or forums with relevant information and keywords and location are included, search engines may see that data. If registration with a site is necessary to leave a comment, use a keyword and location reference as a user name as well.

Testimonials:- Publishing testimonials to directory and business listing sites can also help Local SEO efforts, especially if submitted by many different people. This is as opposed to a business owner posting a page of testimonials on a website that does more for visitors who have already found the site, not those still looking for one.

Businesses in more than one area should have separate websites, if only basic ones for all locations, following all the above suggestions to generate the most interest from browsers and link to each other.

Hopefully, with all of the above Local SEO tips designed to help develop a regional website & business, getting good local search results is right around the corner, and being lost in the crowd & competition will be a thing of the past!

How to Sell SEO Services?

There is a lot of competition for SEO experts who Sell SEO Services. Prospective clients are aware that they should consult with many firms before selecting someone to perform their SEO services. If you want to close those SEO leads, you need to know your stuff and go above and beyond while putting together your presentation.

Putting together a successful research-based SEO service proposal will make your client feel secure in your abilities and help you close the deal. When preparing a detailed Offer plan for a potential client, use these tips to help you build a strategy and have a straightforward direction if the client decides to proceed.

What Is Resell SEO Services?

The practice of selling someone else’s SEO services as your own is referred to as Resell SEO Services or reseller program. This eliminates the requirement for you or your team to develop an SEO plan, execute campaigns, and even recruit, manage, and train SEO specialists. You won’t even need to be familiar with SEO tools. You will help satisfy the needs of your customers through Resell SEO services.

Prepare Before You Sell SEO

It’s important to build a relationship and get information from prospective clients, so don’t jump into your first conversation with many sales pitches. More often than not, that will leave the prospective with the impression that you are more interested in their money than helping them.

Before approaching the prospective client, it’s best to look at the website in question. That way, you’ll have a general understanding of what they’re selling and how you can help them improve their Listing, rankings and traffic. If you don’t know anything about the client, then you will need to get some basic information about them. You can find most of the information by researching the company online:

  • How big is the site?
  • What types of services and products does the company sell?
  • Is the company most interested in a local, national, or international campaign?
  • How much traffic does the site get each month?
  • How competitive is this niche market

Do a Keyword Search Volume Analysis

A keyword search volume analysis will help you determine what keywords the prospective should focus on. If the client has shown interest in an SEO Services Local or geo-specific campaign, then you can try using this geo-specific keyword research tool.

This information will also help you start putting together a budget for the project. If the CPC for the keywords is high, you’re dealing with a competitive market that will need to have a higher SEO budget to get results for the client.

Run a Preliminary Keyword Ranking Analysis

You will need to run a preliminary keyword ranking analysis to determine how far the website has come in terms of ranking results. Many online SEO Services tools come with Rank Checker, which works very quickly. It doesn’t, sometimes, give you the most accurate results, so spot check suspicious results with Google. You can also use other tools to make a comprehensive, accurate report.

Your preliminary analysis should help you determine how much work it will take to get first-page rankings for relevant keywords. Keep this preliminary report handy so that you can include it in your Value Proposition & proposal. It’s always useful to show clients why you think they should focus on certain strategies over others and offer valued SEO Services Tips. Of course, your prospective client isn’t going to get 100 percent of available traffic no matter what techniques you use.

Analyze the Site’s Traffic Data

Talk to the prospective client about getting added to their Google Analytics stats. This will give you the opportunity to study the site’s current traffic. This conversation is also a great time to work on your relationship with the client. Talk about what your research has shown so far and ask them about their business goals. If the site is already getting some traffic, you will want to find out where the traffic is coming from, how high the bounce rate is, and how much traffic is resulting in sales.

Check Search Engine Indexing

Sometimes clients have websites that aren’t indexing properly with search engines. The company can have really strong PR rankings and a terrific inbound link count, but the on-page SEO just isn’t meeting expectations. It’s best in this situation to check the site’s indexing. The search string will show you how Google has indexed this site.

Sometimes you will find that only a couple of pages turn up. If you know that the site has many more pages, you know there is a problem. Dig around a bit to see if you can find a site map. You can also ask the client to add you to their Google Webmaster Tools data. This will give you access to lots of useful information that will help you spot SEO problems and determine how to fix them.

Evaluate the Site’s On-Page Content

When you check out the site, look for keyword-rich content. If you don’t find it, then that could be the problem right there. That means you will need to include content development in your proposal. You can Sell SEO Services that achieve results only when you are prepared.

Find the Site’s On-Page SEO Issues

Many on-page Search Engine Optimization issues will jump out once you review your site. Some of the most common things to think about include whether the site relies too heavily on Flash. Whether the site uses non-SEO-friendly URLs, duplicate content, or poor navigation; and whether each page uses unique tags. Identifying these problems can help you create a proposal that targets the client’s issues & ultimately Sell SEO Services.

Check out the Competition

The level of commitment required to achieve a first-page ranking often depends on how much competition is out there. Search for keywords that are important for the prospective client’s site. This will give you the chance to see what strategies the competition uses. One of the most inherent things to look at is inbound links. Link building is one of the most costly and time-consuming search engine optimization processes, so you want to know what you’re getting into before you make an official proposal.

Check Google’s Local Business Listings

It’s amazing how many organizations miss out on the easiest ways to boost traffic. That includes listing their site on Google Local Business. Google will rank local businesses over organic search results. That’s something that you definitely want to take advantage of. It’s easy and effective and helps Sell SEO Services.

Include Business Profiles

Business profiles are a great way to boost a client’s website traffic. Google will rank biz profiles along with the company’s website, which means you can potentially dominate a larger chunk of first-page results by creating profiles on websites like Yelp and Hotfrog.

Develop A Smooth SEO Sales Experience

Now that you have all of this information, you can prepare a proposal that targets the client’s concerns. Include bits of research in your proposal. Doing so will show the client why you have made certain choices. It will also show that you have already put a lot of time into creating an effective strategy for the company. Don’t worry about charging for the information in your proposal. Just think of it as a relationship builder that will attract more clients now and in the future. It’s a vital component in developing a smooth SEO sales experience.

SEO professionals need to realize that some clients don’t know how much money it will realistically cost to get the results that they want. If the prospective balks at the proposal, try to develop an alternative plan that won’t cost as much money. Sometimes you can suggest using one or two of the proposed methods to improve traffic.

You can also suggest that they simply hire you as a consultant while they implement the work in-house. The harder you work with and for potential clients, the more likely you will build a solid relationship that will benefit your business in the future and help Sell SEO Services.

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With many years of proven success in multiple categories, both phillyseopro local businesses and larger brands, we have what it takes to help you take control of your digital marketing and succeed online.

We are intelligent, polished, senior-level web designers, SEO experts, digital marketers and content writers. When other companies make things sound complicated, we simplify and focus your online presence.

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The best and most effective digital marketing solutions are longer-term and require a multi-pronged approach.  Anyone telling you differently isn’t being truthful. We will explain and teach you the basics so that you are better able to manage and make decisions about your online presence.

A sampling of our current and past clients includes but is not limited to: phillyseopro local businesses including everything under the sun from cleaning services and jewelers to sports retailers and hypnotists, including eCommerce sellers; medical, dental, chiropractic practices; language schools; florists; tech and luxury products ever up to yachts; legal online gambling; travel agents; b2b creative and marketing products; heavy machinery for industrial applications – and the list goes on! Whatever your product or business is, chances are we’ve worked in the category or something very close. If not, we’ll learn it fast.

If you’ve always felt like you want to do better online and really learn what you’re doing and how to succeed, we’re the right agency for you!  Call or email us today!.



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Budgets for Social Media Deserve Careful Scrutiny

Now that we’re more 15 years into the phenomenon of social media (Facebook launched in 2004), it’s a fact that very few businesses are doing well with it. Why? Because social media is about authenticity and people who are extroverts. That’s right: at its core, it’s built for people, not companies. It explains why celebrities and a handful of people willing to live their lives on camera, or pretend they are, build up millions of followers. As a result, they have an outsized presence. But in the end, does it amount to much?  The answer is probably not.

In Reality, the Myths are Greater than the Realities

We’re not opposed to social media, so please hold the negative replies. But don’t spend any significant part of your digital marketing budget Facebooking, Tweeting, or Instagramming because of peer pressure – or because you’ve heard other business owners bragging. Frankly, if any small or medium-sized business reports phenomenal social media results, we’d be skeptical based on a lot of experience. The reality is that a little bit of this and a bit of that and hopping from this year’s hype to the next year’s fad will eat up budget dollars that are better spent on search engine optimization (SEO).

Social media can be a small part of SEO programs, but it doesn’t drive results like excellent website content, an active blog, and offsite backlinking. Many of the world’s followers want to jump on the social media bandwagon with little or no evaluation. They ultimately waste dollars and time. Business leaders and owners who are wisely skeptical will evaluate it and only invest small amounts until they see it accomplishing their sales goals.

Successful Social Media Always Comes from Inside

If you’re convinced that you should deploy digital marketing resources and budget to social media, don’t outsource the content (words and pictures). It needs to be 100% authentic and from inside your company to be effective. Digital marketing agencies can be good advisors for guiding your in-house staff in developing buzz-worthy content. But as outsiders, they can’t fake it for you on social media with sustained effectiveness. What agencies write on their own will be benign posts that gain little traction and are ignored.  It’s no way to improve your sales.

The ‘Musts’ for Social Media Success are Time Consuming

  • Day-to-day monitoring and responding to questions and comments
  • Authentic, creative posts (with images) to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn
  • Immersion in the social networking culture
  • Liking and following others – using good judgment
  • Creating engagement activities, contests, events

Developing and maintaining social media is continuous work. But even miraculous social media channels will only give you results in proportion to the actual work involved (it’s not easy nor cheap). It’s why you need to approach social networking with a results-oriented mindset. Don’t jump in with a large budget at first. You need to be disciplined and measure ROI to make sure it’s working one month in, six months in, and after a year.

Social media is like other digital marketing channels. It’s serious work requiring sustained effort. Ignore peer pressure and do it only if you have the commitment (and resources), and keep an eagle-eye on the results to be sure it’s paying off.

Ranking Websites in Search Engine Results:  Need Help?

Local business websites in Philadelphia with low Domain Authorities can have a very challenging time ranking on the first page of search results in Google. A case study could have been this website back in its beginnings — we faced the need to rank in challenging categories such as ones for SEO companies in Philadelphia. For a good reason, the competition is intense, and many existing SEO company websites had twice the Domain Authority or more.  The questions before us were what to do with a site that was nearly a start-up and had little or no Domain or Page Authority.

We need to reach our customers, and prospective customers, with user-friendly information on Google page one where they could find us easily. Our data showed they would be searching for “Philadelphia SEO” or “search engine optimization Philadelphia.” because they are the two highest volume searches for SEO in Philadelphia, PA. Since the launch of our website, we have worked hard to provide useful information about how to reach customers with digital marketing and helpful websites. We also want to help businesses optimize their websites for mobile devices because it is an essential priority for today.

Philadelphia Search Engine Optimization: Ranking on Page One

Because businesses need to help their customers find them easily online, ranking on page one in the Philadelphia search engine result pages (SERPs) is crucial. Using ourselves as a case study again, we started out trying to get to page two. While page one remained the ultimate goal, ranking on page two for high-volume searches and page one for a few long-tail keywords seemed like a wise approach to begin. Having our website rank in Google for the right keywords was our top priority because it is an example of success to add to our portfolio of accomplishments. By now, moved up in the rankings for “Philadelphia SEO companies” and now routinely appears on page one.

As we continue to help our search engine optimization clients improve their success in digital marketing, we’re looking for companies with marketing budgets large enough to fun significant programs. With these, we can provide an even better Return on Investment (ROI) for their marketing dollars. Most SEO companies spend more time and resources building backlinks, and that’s what it’s all about for them. It’s an approach that can have some merit, but we take a different approach based on developing user-friendly website content. Admittedly, SEO writing can be tedious, but who writes it matters, both to our clients and us. In support of our mission to be the best Philadelphia SEO writers, we produce all content for our client’s website and social media right here in the Philadelphia area.

Detailed and Clear Landing Pages: How Do They Help?

  1. Longer pages can help make up for lack of PageRank on newer websites with lower Domain Authority.
  2. Long-form website content helps Philly businesses reach their customers who run long-tail keyword searches.
  3. Well-written pages encourage visitors to spend more time on your website; they also lower bounce rates.
  4. Longer pages and blog posts can even out and help distribute on-site keyword density.

When we review our competitor’s work, we’re often disappointed to see that many SEO companies do the bare minimum. Do they compose authentically interesting blog posts? Also, is their SEO writing long enough to provide internet users with beneficial information — which, after all, is the point of running an online search. Too often, we see search engine optimization companies sticking to the minimum 350-word posts. With such thin content, imagine how long it would take to overcome a keyword density penalty? At that rate, it might take years for penalties to be removed.

Longer posts are beneficial to business websites in many ways and, over time, bring significant improvement. Our goal is to develop content that artificially intelligent bots regard as interesting, informative, and useful to searchers. We write naturally with the appropriate keyword densities. Even as we are writing this post, we include our keywords throughout to clarify its purpose and value. The articles we write for guest blog posts and external backlinks are similarly well written. Articles for publication should never be heavy-handed, and when written interestingly, the natural distribution and density of keywords works out overall. Writing more complete (longer) and helpful posts and web pages makes sense. Its unfortunate more SEO companies in Philadelphia and southern New Jersey don’t do it.

Search Engine Optimization in Philadelphia Ranks Websites in SERPs

For local Philadelphia websites to succeed, a Domain Authority of around 30, or maybe more, is optimal. When a site has little authority and light traffic, the best thing to do is begin writing. Adding longer pages and expanded blog posts helps in many ways. It balances out keyword distribution as you mention they appropriately thought the text. Many sites have penalties for dense content; longer-form writing corrects those problems. Our advice to companies looking to improve their website visibility is to write posts on topics that interest you enough to become a content creator. The internet is hungry for more well-written content, and nobody seems to be stepping up right now. Google looks for authentic reviews, well-composed testimonies, and thorough product reviews by writers who are qualified to be doing search engine optimization in Philadelphia.

In summary, there is no such thing as a blog post that is too long if the content is of value to users. Suddenly this post seems a little long at almost 1,000 words. But it took us two hours to write, and that’s the time we give ourselves to write a high-quality blog post (for Philadelphia SEO Pro as well as for clients).  Ending it now saves a lot more user-friendly content we can add to the next post we will be writing — so check back again soon.