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Digital marketing and search engine optimization in Philadelphia is intensely competitive. It means the local SEO Philadelphia requires for success is not an easy feat. At Philly SEO Pro, we know what it takes to place local business websites in organic search results and on search engine maps. We’re a unique online marketing company staffed by people from the area. We speak and write the way people from the Delaware Valley communicate. Our team can bring more traffic to your website without off-shore penalties. If you’ve tried outsourcing your website services overseas, you already understand why it’s better to keep things local.

No matter where you are in the area, we’re ready to help. We specialize in SEO for the Philadelphia metro area, including southern New Jersey, and understand you need geographically-relevant visitors to your site. From Bucks and Montgomery to Delaware and Chester Counties, we have you covered in southeastern Pennsylvania. The same goes for digital marketing services in Camden, Gloucester, and Salem Counties in New Jersey. We’ll make sure you have user-friendly on-site content along with accurate local directory citations, and correct data for Google maps and organic search result pages.

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Our methods are advanced and proven effective. We know the best local Philadelphia and South Jersey business directories online and will optimize your listings. It’s clear your customers prefer to search online, and we’ll make sure you’re up-to-date and saying the right things on everything from Google My Business to Bing, Yelp, Yellow Pages, and Angie’s List (to name a few). Each one can bring a steady stream of customer calls when fully optimized. If you’re always wondering how your competitors do better then you do, it’s probably because they are working with us. We follow best practices to contribute content, help you get customer reviews, contribute images to enhance your listings, and much more.

Our Philadelphia online business directory listing optimization program also covers searching to duplicate and incorrect listings. Once they are cleaned up and removed, it’s likely your current listing will perform better. Search engines value clarity and consistency, and your business needs to be described uniformly across all listings. Many times, it’s a multi-step process in convincing directories to remove or merge duplicate listings – but our team is persistent, and we will prevail. The end goal is a single primary citation of primary importance. When all put together, our local optimization efforts will bring you more client inquiries. Also, we’ll include keyword phrases in your listings that will improve your performance in an online search.


While a great deal of time and resources are devoted to attracting the attention of search engines, it’s crucial to keep in mind their proactive requests for business information. The search engine companies maintain pages like Google My Business and Bing Places for Business. Therefore, any data contributed to them is taken seriously and can affect the result pages for Philadelphia and southern New Jersey. Like everything else, there are best practices and better ways to complete your business profile. It must clearly explain your business as well as the goods or services you sell. Including your keywords in a well-distributed manner also benefits you in many ways. Our experienced pros know how to tell the story of your business in productive ways that will improve results immediately.

Our goal is to make highly effective edits and recommendations from day one, and few local Philadelphia optimization experts can match our expertise. You’ll watch the essence of your services and products come to life in well-developed online business profiles that will be helpful to potential customers. We work in a storytelling and editorial style to make sure your quality and service come across. Also, while we are marketers helping you reach clients, our tone is useful and helpful – never the hard sell. Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others prioritize strong local business content in their search results. When you provide useful information, you’ll see your stature and positions improve. We’re hands-on with clients, and we will get to know you and your company as we help you reach new customers online.


Highly effective local search engine optimization in Philadelphia and southern New Jersey includes Google Maps. It’s crucial to list correct and correctly formatted address information on your website and all other places online. If there are inconsistencies in this vital information about your business, you need experts like us to bring everything into line. It is key to improving your positions in search engine result pages (SERPs) and clarifying your spot in Apple and Google Maps.

Structured data snippets, also known as Schema mark-ups, are vital in helping search engines understand what to feature about your business. It may sound technical, but it matters a lot. Proper coding helps to make sure what your customers read about you online is up-to-date and correct. At first, you might not think some of these smaller details are important, but each one plays a role in improving your digital marketing. When you upgrade your user experience (UX) with optimized content, search engines will have more confidence about showing your business in result pages.

A well-rounded effort led by local content experts becomes a significant asset to your website and URL. Better yet, the value and power of these well-developed elements increase over time. Therefore, the sooner you begin working with one of Philadelphia’s best local search engine optimization companies, the quicker you will meet new clients and improve your business overall.


Our local website optimization program is thorough and meticulous because search engines evaluate a vast amount of data about Philadelphia businesses. In essence, they look at your website and hundreds of third-party sources. As soon as you come on board with us, we’ll clean up your online information to make it complete and consistent. Once we update the address, telephone, URL, and other data in your listings and citations, your visibility in search result pages and maps will rise quickly and steadily. Because we’re Philadelphians with extensive online marketing experience, we hit the ground running. We’ll apply best practices, and our proven effective techniques to will help you reach more customers quickly.

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