How Philly Businesses Can Rank for Difficult Keywords

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Ranking Websites in Search Engine Results:  Need Help?

Local business websites in Philadelphia with low Domain Authorities can have a very challenging time ranking on the first page of search results in Google. A case study could have been this website back in its beginnings — we faced the need to rank in challenging categories such as ones for SEO companies in Philadelphia. For a good reason, the competition is intense, and many existing SEO company websites had twice the Domain Authority or more.  The questions before us were what to do with a site that was nearly a start-up and had little or no Domain or Page Authority.

We need to reach our customers, and prospective customers, with user-friendly information on Google page one where they could find us easily. Our data showed they would be searching for “Philadelphia SEO” or “search engine optimization Philadelphia.” because they are the two highest volume searches for SEO in Philadelphia, PA. Since the launch of our website, we have worked hard to provide useful information about how to reach customers with digital marketing and helpful websites. We also want to help businesses optimize their websites for mobile devices because it is an essential priority for today.

Philadelphia Search Engine Optimization: Ranking on Page One

Because businesses need to help their customers find them easily online, ranking on page one in the Philadelphia search engine result pages (SERPs) is crucial. Using ourselves as a case study again, we started out trying to get to page two. While page one remained the ultimate goal, ranking on page two for high-volume searches and page one for a few long-tail keywords seemed like a wise approach to begin. Having our website rank in Google for the right keywords was our top priority because it is an example of success to add to our portfolio of accomplishments. By now, moved up in the rankings for “Philadelphia SEO companies” and now routinely appears on page one.

As we continue to help our search engine optimization clients improve their success in digital marketing, we’re looking for companies with marketing budgets large enough to fun significant programs. With these, we can provide an even better Return on Investment (ROI) for their marketing dollars. Most SEO companies spend more time and resources building backlinks, and that’s what it’s all about for them. It’s an approach that can have some merit, but we take a different approach based on developing user-friendly website content. Admittedly, SEO writing can be tedious, but who writes it matters, both to our clients and us. In support of our mission to be the best Philadelphia SEO writers, we produce all content for our client’s website and social media right here in the Philadelphia area.

Detailed and Clear Landing Pages: How Do They Help?

  1. Longer pages can help make up for lack of PageRank on newer websites with lower Domain Authority.
  2. Long-form website content helps Philly businesses reach their customers who run long-tail keyword searches.
  3. Well-written pages encourage visitors to spend more time on your website; they also lower bounce rates.
  4. Longer pages and blog posts can even out and help distribute on-site keyword density.

When we review our competitor’s work, we’re often disappointed to see that many SEO companies do the bare minimum. Do they compose authentically interesting blog posts? Also, is their SEO writing long enough to provide internet users with beneficial information — which, after all, is the point of running an online search. Too often, we see search engine optimization companies sticking to the minimum 350-word posts. With such thin content, imagine how long it would take to overcome a keyword density penalty? At that rate, it might take years for penalties to be removed.

Longer posts are beneficial to business websites in many ways and, over time, bring significant improvement. Our goal is to develop content that artificially intelligent bots regard as interesting, informative, and useful to searchers. We write naturally with the appropriate keyword densities. Even as we are writing this post, we include our keywords throughout to clarify its purpose and value. The articles we write for guest blog posts and external backlinks are similarly well written. Articles for publication should never be heavy-handed, and when written interestingly, the natural distribution and density of keywords works out overall. Writing more complete (longer) and helpful posts and web pages makes sense. Its unfortunate more SEO companies in Philadelphia and southern New Jersey don’t do it.

Search Engine Optimization in Philadelphia Ranks Websites in SERPs

For local Philadelphia websites to succeed, a Domain Authority of around 30, or maybe more, is optimal. When a site has little authority and light traffic, the best thing to do is begin writing. Adding longer pages and expanded blog posts helps in many ways. It balances out keyword distribution as you mention they appropriately thought the text. Many sites have penalties for dense content; longer-form writing corrects those problems. Our advice to companies looking to improve their website visibility is to write posts on topics that interest you enough to become a content creator. The internet is hungry for more well-written content, and nobody seems to be stepping up right now. Google looks for authentic reviews, well-composed testimonies, and thorough product reviews by writers who are qualified to be doing search engine optimization in Philadelphia.

In summary, there is no such thing as a blog post that is too long if the content is of value to users. Suddenly this post seems a little long at almost 1,000 words. But it took us two hours to write, and that’s the time we give ourselves to write a high-quality blog post (for Philadelphia SEO Pro as well as for clients).  Ending it now saves a lot more user-friendly content we can add to the next post we will be writing — so check back again soon.

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