SEO Made Easy – The Top SEO Agency Reveals Their Secrets!

SEO can seem like an intimidating and confusing topic to learn, but it doesn’t have to be! The experts at Philly SEO Pro, the top SEO agency in the country want to help you get started with SEO by revealing some of their most closely guarded strategies and tips.

This guide on SEO will help you understand what SEO is and how to use it in your business without having to pay any expensive consulting fees or struggling with complicated resources. If you need some additional help, our seasoned experts at Philly SEO Pro can get your company moving in the right direction quickly & effortlessly!

Confused About What Is Considered SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential marketing practice. But what constitutes good SEO? How do you evaluate and improve your own site’s SEO? If you’re looking for answers to these questions, it may be time to turn to an expert for help. SEO services are designed to ensure that your website ranks highly on search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo!

So that more people can find you when they search online. While there are plenty of companies out there offering SEO services, not all of them have experience with every aspect of SEO – which means they might not be able to provide a comprehensive set of solutions for your business. That’s why it genuinely pays to work with a top-rated SEO agency instead.

Understand What You Need from Your Website

If you want to boost revenue or people to find your website, you first need to make sure it’s optimized for search engines. Think of it as a home address: if you want someone to visit your house, you need to be on the street with lots of houses and have a recognizable number. Your domain name is like that number – it helps search engines and potential customers find and identify your website.

This will actually help ensure that when someone searches for what you offer, they can easily find your site. You also need to make sure you understand what makes up good content and how best to create it, so visitors stay on your site longer. For example, including a call-to-action in each post or page will encourage visitors to explore more pages on your site or purchase something from you directly.

Plus, optimizing images with proper alt text will help them show up in Google image search results. Last but not least, using schema markup tags can increase clickthrough rates on your internal links and lead to higher rankings overall. That’s why having an experienced partner who knows all these is so important!

Knowing How Google Works

Google’s search engine algorithm is a complicated thing. Yes, it changes all of the time, meaning some of what we know may be out-of-date by tomorrow. As much as people try to keep their knowledge up-to-date and relevant, there are new practices coming out of the field all of the time. Understanding these new SEO practices is key to succeeding online today.

When you think about how Google ranks pages, you might imagine an army of Googlers sitting in front of computers with hundreds of tabs open on their browser. That’s not exactly how it works! However, Google has been known to rely on factors that aren’t necessarily black and white.

For instance, if you want your page to rank well for a certain keyword or phrase – even if that phrase appears nowhere on your site – you can still use keywords within your metadata or even in your links pointing back to your site.

This is called on-page optimization, but there are many other kinds of ranking signals out there. For example, did you know that just having good content might be enough? It’s true! Google also looks at how long people stay on your site before they click away.

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New SEO Best Practices

Search engine optimization (SEO) has evolved significantly over time. Internet marketing is highly competitive these days, and, as a result, old SEO tactics that used to work no longer do. To stay competitive, website owners must keep up with new SEO best practices.

There are several new & traditional SEO practices that can help your site rank higher in search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo. These include link building, content creation, local SEO, video optimization, mobile optimization, social media integration, content syndication/publication on other sites, etc.

Link Building

Creating relevant links to your website from external websites not only gives you exposure but also improves your chances of ranking high in search results. To ensure you don’t get penalized by Google, nonetheless, make sure you don’t create unnatural links or participate in black hat techniques such as guest posting on unrelated websites just for backlinks. One great way to build natural links is by guest blogging on relevant industry blogs; another option is through participation in forum discussions related to your niche.

Keyword Research

Before you start to write your content, you need to have an idea of what keywords to use. Keywords are search terms that people/users enter into search engines when they’re looking for information on a particular topic. When writing content, using relevant keywords can help your site be found by Google, Bing, and other major search engines. It also gives your readers a better chance of finding your content when they use a search engine to find answers on topics related to yours.

Ease of Navigation

When considering any new site, it’s important to check out how well they’ve organized its content. Check that your chosen company has some of these key elements in place, such as a sitemap, an about us page, and relevant social media links. If you’re looking for information on a specific topic, will you be able to find it easily? A good website should make navigation simple by having its most important content linked together.

An Eye-Catching Homepage

Search engine optimization – SEO is a tricky game, but one thing you want to do is ensure your homepage stands out from other sites in its industry. An easy & effective way to do that is by making sure your site’s graphics and copy are clear and easy to understand, letting users know exactly what they’re going to get when they click through. It’s also important to make it as user-friendly as possible, so potential customers can easily find what they really need without getting lost in a sea of text or images.

Targeted Webpages

Search engines prioritize pages that have been linked to other reputable, high-quality websites. It’s good practice to link to high-quality websites with relevant content. It also helps if you link to these pages from your homepage. It actually suggests that you believe your site’s content is of similar quality. We recommend linking out to at least three top-quality sites on every page of your website, particularly those in which you offer an affiliate link or product review.

User Experience (UX)

Today’s best SEO agency will prioritize UX when crafting their website copy in an effort to provide a more optimal experience for their users. But what is UX? It stands for user experience and refers to how people interact with your site or app (and how it makes them feel).

As Google becomes increasingly sophisticated at deciphering which sites are most useful to its users, top SEO agencies have learned that they need to focus on UX. It’s part of the robust search engine optimization (SEO) process if they want their clients’ sites to rank at #1 or the top of search results.

Local Vs. Global Reach

One of our most important new SEO practices is to provide localized content. We have found that by focusing on a small number of locations (even just one location), we can produce high-quality content that outperforms thousands of other websites, even if they are global sites.

This localization gives us a competitive advantage over large, generalist companies because there is nothing more important than serving customers in their native language and having highly targeted content to make sure they get what they want.


Why Is Organic Search So Important?

Organic search drives more traffic than anything else, meaning that if you’re not ranking highly on Google, your website could be missing out on targeted traffic and sales. But these days, organic search is so much more competitive – why? Because it’s easier than ever to get to number one. With some new practices, you, too, can master organic search.

There are many benefits of organic search; perhaps most importantly, it puts customers directly in front of your business. When someone searches for a product/service they need, they’ll likely click on a few listings before making their final decision; those clicks add up over time. Additionally, people tend to trust businesses that rank high organically – which means more conversions and repeat customers!

Still Not Sure How You Can Start Improving Your Website?

There are some SEO practices that many website owners aren’t aware of. While some people think that SEO is a huge mystery, it really isn’t; with our best-in-class SEO services, we can really help you improve your site in just a few simple steps. Here are 3easy ways to start improving your website today:

1) Focus on user experience

2) Optimize for conversions

3) Create high-quality content.

If you’re ultimately looking to rank higher in search engine results & bring more traffic to your site, SEO is an important factor to consider. Many companies promise big results with their SEO services, but the reality can be very different from the promises that are made. Philly SEO Pro offers the most reputable services that can truly help you rank higher in search engines like Google & Bing.

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